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Laptop & PC Repair Services



Whether there is a problem with your laptop screen, your hard drive is making a strange noise or your computer keeps freezing, we provide a fast and efficient repair service for Laptops and PC’s, some of which include:


Prices start from just £36.00 inc VAT... We look at most makes and models, book a drop off slot today by clicking “Book Now” below


Has your hard drive failed or have those important files or photographs been deleted? Don’t worry there are ways to get them back.

Depending on the type of fault we can recover data in house. In most cases the process that we go through is successful and we can transfer your data to disk, external drive, memory pen or another laptop or PC. In those cases that the media that the data is held on is too damaged for our equipment to recover or the data cannot be found using our methods, we have a specialist company that we can send the media to who will then quote for recovery. Please give us a call for more information about any of these services.

If you have lost data in the past and want help to try and prevent that from happening again we can recommend a simple back-up solution for you, please call us for some advice.

There is no charge to find out if you are going to be likely to get your information back.

Visit our business site for a full range of data recovery and destruction services.


With internet and download usage now part of our everyday life there has been a significant increase in the threat of viruses, malware and spyware over the years and there are new threats being uploaded daily. Almost everyone has had some kind of infection or spyware on their machine, so believe us you are not alone!!

Wherever possible we will remove a virus or spyware without having to completely wipe and reload your machine. With prices starting from £36.00 inc VAT we will run deep system scans to remove the infection, do our best to make sure that the infection does not return and also makes sure that your virus protection is up to date. If you are not protected or we don’t think that you are running the most effective product, we can advise you on your ideal solution and also provide the protection that we think is best for you. All of our products are completely up to date and so give you the best and latest protection for your money.

Remember that if a pop up is asking you to pay to get rid of a virus, it is not legit and will not remove the virus, if in doubt please don’t hesitate to give us a call about it.


Is your computer running at its full potential or is it a bit sluggish and in need of a health check?

Our fixed price health check includes:

We will carry out a full health check on your laptop or PC, removing any viruses and spyware, cleaning cooling fans, running tests on all main hardware components and finally installing any Microsoft Windows software updates.


Please note that one hours labour is included to remove viruses or spyware in our health checks an additional £24.00 would be charged for any major virus removal. We would always advise you first to check you want us to continue.

Health Checks involve lots of scans which can take hours at a time to run. You will, therefore, need to leave your device with us for a few days to complete the work.


Are you thinking of buying a new PC or Laptop or want to improve the performance of your existing equipment? Give us a call!

We are able to offer great deals on home systems, laptops, printers, wireless networks and many more, all at great prices and normally beating any of the bigger high street stores.

Below is just a few of the things we offer:

Give us a call and our friendly advisers will be able to offer you free, helpful, plain English advice on your next purchase, to ensure you get the best solution for your money.

We can also set up your equipment for you, please request this to our sales advisors who will be happy to include this in your quote.